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Logistics and Freight Solutions

Logistics Advisory Solutions

Understand your business

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New Fleet Solutions has been serving logistical industry and bought a tremendous changes to their business understanding and overview. We offer our solutions like Payroll, Accounting and CFO solutions as part of Financial Advisory solutions for logistic and transportation industries.

Our niche expertise and understanding towards logistics and transportation business, help us on designing our client's business and financial structure. Our current numbers has grown exponential with a satisfactory client solutions.

Our solutions are structured, tailor-made and ready-to-use accelerator, our experienced and certified resources with their enhancing skills and update themselves with the latest technologies and countries financial regulations to bring a better deliverables and understanding for their clients.


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Our Service Insight
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Payroll Solutions

  1. On-boarding new candidates to the payroll applications.

  2. Tracking and validating employee work hours.

  3. Calculation of employee payroll.

  4. Preparation of Payroll summary report.

  5. Processing/submission of payroll on-time.

  6. Preparation of payroll comparison report.

  7. Preparation of Employee Key Matric Indicator(KPI).

  8. Assist in Compliance Requests and Audits.

Financial and Accounting Solutions

  1. Categorization of daily transactions.

  2. Assisting in Order to Cash(O2C) and Procure to Pay(P2P).

  3. Reconciliation of Accounts Payable(AP), Accounts Receivable(AR), Bank and General ledger(GL).

  4. Validation of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Invoices, employee reimbursements and other general expenses.

  5. Monthly book closure activity with specialized reporting system.

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Virtual CFO and Advisory Solutions

  1. Evaluate and advise better financial structure for the business.

  2. Review company’s business process and its operational structure.

  3. Review and remodeling of the existing financial reporting system.

  4. Advise in designing and implementing of new business approaches.

  5. Automation of Reporting system and Implementation of ERP into business workflow.

  6. Advise the better approach of ongoing process and internal controls of the company.

  7. Reviews the internal reconciliation process and controls.

  8. Assisting in setting and aligning the yearly expenses and revenue budget.

  9. Prepare report of the current growth rate forecasting.

  10. Analyzing and presenting company operating margin and input to the CEO.

  11. Review of Finance SOP and perform necessary changes.

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