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Technology is one of the dominant industrial sectors around the world - and if trends are to be believed it’s nowhere near its peak. In utilizing this growth, most businesses in this domain focus on the tech part of their service and end up losing sight of the customers. This inadequacy reflects in their communication strategy and overall customer experience (CX) - which significantly harms the company’s growth prospect.


As a global outsourcing services provider for technology, we can help you here by streamlining your CX and establishing support infrastructure that can withstand the market dynamics. Our multichannel approach and multilingual capabilities allow you to reach customers across touch points and earn their loyalty.


With our team of certified tech support agents, we can provide your customers with timely and appropriate support. This in turn can boost their satisfaction level and experience and help you create a loyal customer base, which is essential for long-term business success.


Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Cellphone Help Center


The helpdesk is primarily responsible for managing incidents, responding to and resolving user (employee) issues and requests, and facilitating communication across all departments and employees.

  • Other areas the service desk can support include:

  • Employee On boarding / Off boarding

  • Contract and PO Management

  • License Compliance Management

  • Risk Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Internationalization and Globalization


Our teams of experienced product development experts are ready to partner closely with clients to quickly and successfully define, build, and evolve compelling, high-performing product solutions in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our team specializes in:

  • SaaS products – Developing the B2B and B2C customer-facing solutions used to deliver the core offerings and market differentiators

  • Internal products – Building the systems needed to support mission-critical operations and delivery of customer services

  • Technology products – Tackling complex engineering challenges and large-scale development needs of our technology clients’ key offerings



New Fleet seasoned test architects and engineers provide world-class QA testing services for web and mobile applications, ensuring full compliance and high-quality software every time. We harness the power of innovative AI, IoT, and RPA technologies to perform advanced QA web & mobile app testing.

We deliver full-cycle QA automated software testing for web, mobile, and desktop applications to enable improved test coverage, enhance product quality, optimize testing activities, boost productivity, and decrease overall testing times.


New Fleet platform and applications know-how makes us ideally placed to understand complex challenges in your business-critical application platforms, your IT environment, not least the industry in which you operate, and should issues arise, seek rapid resolution to eliminate or minimize downtime, with its associated inconvenience and costs.

Modern application platforms are broad in scope, supporting many kinds of applications, including standalone clients, applications with server logic running on premise or in the public cloud, and those that use cloud services.

Regardless of the method of deployment or location, our technicians have vast experience in the installation, deployment, management and optimization of business applications.

Software Engineers


Desktop support services work as a help desk for business. They deal with office equipment and end users to provide unlimited service. This includes hardware break-fix support as well as some technical guidance and limited support.

Desktop support services also focus on removing old hardware for recycling and install software image on desktops while focusing on remerging of desktops, too.

Laptop support services work as similarly to desk support services, except that the needs are ever so slightly different. They still work as a helpdesk for businesses, but they deal with the installation and implementation of laptop docking stations and performing software upgrades.

Laptop support services also operate on break-fix support. You will get the help of knowledgeable support staff who can assist thoroughly on the new laptop set up and installation of software on the laptops.


When your company’s network is down, your business loses money and productivity. You need a reliable network support team on call to bring your systems back up to speed. When you partner with Iconic IT, you get fast, personalized network support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To ensure you get the quickest solution to network issues, you need to call a trusted network support provider. For decades, New Fleet has been solving headaches for businesses of all sizes. Our team begins working on your network issues from the moment you contact us.

Network Cable Technician
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